It all starts with a logo

Dress it up with a beautifully printed business card, newsletter, brochure or website . . . but without a solid logo, what will people remember?


Get in touch and let's revamp your look or give you a new identity.


Launching the Mrs Watson's brand saw this organic wholefood store morph into an iconic Cronulla shopping experience. Opening a further two stores in Engadine and Gymea saw Mrs Watson's Organics become a powerful Sutherland Shire brand.

A strong colourful logo and business card set the tone for this modern, fun brand

A promotional postcard with maps of all three locations acts as a powerful mailbox drop . . . good enough to go on the fridge

Interior vinyl signage reinforces the Mrs Watson's brand while shopping in the Cronulla store

The Gymea store continues the strong brand - inside and out

The staff apron means that customers know to approach the gecko for help

Pull up banners are used throughout the ever changing Cronulla window displays

The Mrs Watson's brand works for them 24/7 on their delivery vehicle

The responsive website is a powerful tool in gaining subscribers for the seasonal newsletters and discount days


After creating the O Organic Produce brand in 2004, we got to do it all again with O Superfood. What started with a logo, ended with an interior concept fitout for their new Bondi Junction cafe plus all the packaging and promotional collateral in between.


Promotional postcards brought customers to the new O Superfood Cafe after a successful local mailbox drop

The hand lettered logo and simple clean business cards compliment the raw nature of the store

Take home menus are a popular addition to the promotional material

Packaging and instore displays reinforce the O Superfood brand with customers long after they've left the store

Instore displays embody the raw, clean look of the O Superfood brand

This 5m wall vinyl adds to the unique style of this store and gives customers something interesting to read while waiting for their Superfood smoothie creation


Find out where your Superfood comes from and its health benefits or simply order online. The O Superfood website is a powerful marketing tool.


Working closely with the client and Two Form Architects, Twice as Eager collaborated to create the Bondi Junction store. Link to the full interior images.

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